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May Day!

May 1, 2012

Can you believe it is May? May is such a great month. To me, it signals the return of some better weather… even a little bit of summer. The days are typically consistently warm enough in Minnesota to enjoy the outdoors and you get to start thinking about planting flowers or planting a garden.

The downside of May for me is the terrible allergies, especially living out in the country. Lately, I’ve been loving peppermint tea which is about the only natural thing that helps me feel a bit better (and actually helps diminish my cough, left over from a cold as well!). Have you ever tried Twinings Pure Peppermint Tea? I am in LOVE with it!

Before my allergies kicked in so bad, I had started doing some desperately-needed weeding in our yard and had started planting some bulbs. For some reason, I have never before tried planting bulbs so I’m interested to see how they go. I have planted some late summer bloomers; dahlias and gladiolus are two of them. I also discovered something interesting this spring. I had four daffodil plants this spring that I kept inside on my kitchen table to brighten things up. I had never before realized this, but in cold climates, daffodils are perennials! I’m excited to see them bloom again next spring!

I’ve also started planting seeds indoors so that they can get a head start on the growing season. This will be my first garden ever that I’m planning to plant (so let me know if you have any great ideas for me!). I’ve started a few tomato and green pepper plants, and the Roma tomatoes are doing so well. Mmmmmmm, fresh tomato slices with salt and pepper – I can hardly wait.

I am also just starting a little kitchen herb garden with three of my favorite herbs to cook with: parsley, basil and oregano.

And something else coming up VERY soon… Mother’s Day. It’s just twelve days from today so don’t wait until the last minute. Need any ideas? I’ve just added a few things to my Sweet April shop that would be perfect for your mother. Check out the two Mother’s Day cards and the fabulous new coasters for all those wonderful glasses of summer lemonade that your mom will soon be drinking. Here’s a look at my favorite set that I’m thinking might look good in my living room…

Happy May!

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