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Tips to Speed up a Web Browser

March 20, 2012

We had our first honest-to-goodness thunderstorm yesterday, complete with tons of lightning and hail. I cannot believe this March weather! The grass is a shade greener from all that rain, and the tree outside the window I am sitting next to has beautiful dark red buds. Who knows? Maybe it will soon be time to think about planting flowers, herbs and vegetables as well as getting our landscaping into shape. I’m sure we can create some beautiful landscaping with our large country lot, mature trees, and our lake and lake cottage. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

Much as I would love to drone on and on about landscaping, I’d better do what I actually promised and give you a couple tips for speeding up your web browsing. Not quite as exciting, right? Think of it this way. The faster you get your web browsing done, the sooner you can get outside into the beautiful weather! (That’s stretching it, I know.)

Of course, your first thought regarding slow internet browsing may be to increase your connection speed. However, there are a couple free options that you can try first.

First, are you using the latest web browser? Go to to find out if you have the latest version of Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Many people like Google Chrome since it has been shown to work up to fifty percent faster than other browsers. I must confess though that I am still an Internet Explorer girl.

Second, how long do you save your browsing history? To check or change this, select Internet Options under Tools on your browser. Next select settings on the General page and change the browsing history to the number of days that you wish.

Third, how many add-ons do you have running? You can check this under Internet Options as well. Select the Programs tab, then click Manage Add-ons.

It will pull up a screen that will show you all the add-ons you have installed, which ones are currently enabled to run on your browser and how long it takes each of them to load on a browser page. Some don’t take any time at all, while some, such as JavaScript or an internet security program may add a second or two.

I hope these tips speed up your life a little!

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