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Stairway Picture Frames

March 14, 2012

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in central Minnesota. The only snow to be seen are tiny little piles here and there along the roadside. The sun is shining on the brown grass and it is so sonderful to hear the birds beginning to sing. I think we must live right under a Canada goose flyway because I have seen (and heard) so many flocks overhead. It is so funny to see the geese floating in the mostly frozen lakes. They sit in a few inches of water that covers all of the ice. I’ve seen chickadees and heard a woodpecker; now it’s just waiting for that first robin to herald the end of winter.

Big things have been happening in our home over the last few days too. I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of those things as well as some new projects that I am planning over the next couple weeks. But today, I thought I’d let you check out how my stairway pictures are coming along.

There’s not really any good angles for taking a picture that will show the entire layout of the steps. They are narrow and fairly steep and have a small landing halfway up.

This shows the beginning of the stairs and part of the living room (which looks different now due to some of the changes I was talking about).

The next two pictures show the first half of the steps before the landing.

This last picture shows the top half of the steps.

I’m really happy with how the frames look now that they’re up on the wall. I feel that they flow well but don’t look too uniformly boring. However, I haven’t decided my exact feelings about the flowers yet. Sometimes I like them, but other times they look a little silly. I’ve thought about taking all of them down or taking half of them down. I could put a few of them in my bedroom and save the rest for the future. What do you guys think? Are the flowers too crazy? I’m hoping that once I put my pictures (which I still need to order) in the frames and add some color, perhaps the flowers will look better.


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