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Beanbag Footstool Re-Do

March 9, 2012

Welcome to yet another project by Little Miss Thrifty. (That would be me.)

Project: Make a collegiate-looking beanbag footstool into something chic and multi-functional.

Supplies: my handy-dandy sewing machine, material, thread and a healthy dose of confidence.

This beanbag footstool was compliments of Target many moons ago. (I’ll bet you couldn’t tell that.) This is the cover that it came in.

And here is the beanbag itself. A nice plush…. pleather? The “bad” news is that the zipper on the side of the footstool was broken. As you can imagine, I didn’t cry over the broken zipper too long since it gave me the excuse to cover up that big bullseye.

(Confession. Before I recovered the footstool, I actually fixed the zipper just because I can’t stand to have things broken. But it was a good reason to have to recover it!)

I purchased this awesome leopard-print fur, which was quite a brave step for my normally conservative style of decor. I find that I’m branching out into more idiosyncratic styles as I get older.

Of course, I had to make my own pattern. Happily for me, the thin cover gave me just the pattern I needed. I pinned the circular top to the material and cut two circles with one inch seam allowances all around. For the body of the cover, I cut a rectangle the length of the footstool’s circumference and the height of the footstool itself, once again with one inch seam allowances (allowing myself enough room for error).

Sewing the body of the cover was easy. Then I sewed on the circular bottom.

The top was interesting to make since I had decided to put a zipper most of the way around it. To do this, I used two 22 inch zippers to wrap around about 3/4 of the circumference. I attached them in such a way that they would both zip closed toward each other. Making the pattern and sewing this cover was not at all as hard as I thought it could have been. It was a fairly short evening project.

Finished product! I know it’s for feet, but I love sitting on it too while I play the Wii with my husband in the family room. I think it looks so much more presentable now, don’t you??

And it is cat-approved too! (Not that I was worried about that!)

Have a happy weekend, everyone! See you again on Monday!


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One Comment
  1. Michael permalink

    My dear wife, the beanbag footstool is so much better since you re-did it! Well done. your loving husband

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