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New Plan for Pictures

March 7, 2012

Remember that lonely, blank wall in my upstairs that I had planned to use for a collage of family pictures?

I discovered that I needed a lot more space than that so I decided to do something that has long been a dream of mine. I have always wanted to hang tons of family photos along a stairway. In this house, I have the perfect stairway for that, with a landing and window halfway up and tall ceilings in the staircase. I had previously had two large frames with paintings of boats hanging there, but those pictures left the walls looking lonely and bare.

I had just under twenty frames that I wanted to hang in two large collages. I had never hung so many pictures along an angle before and was a little unsure of how to begin. First I looked at a great plan that I saw on Pinterest. Though I certainly had more frames of various shapes and sizes to hang than what was shown on this picture, the second stairway plan did give me a few ideas.

I cut out pieces of newspaper to correspond to the size of each picture frame. I wanted to be able to hang the correct shapes and sizes on the wall so I could get a good idea of how the pictures would look before I started pounding the nails into the old plaster walls.

First, I used a white fabric pencil to mark the back of each frame with a number. I then traced the shape of the picture frame onto newspaper (you could also use tissue paper or brown paper bags), cut them out and used a pen to mark the corresponding number on the newspaper.

Then I measured the general amount of space I had on each wall and laid the frames out on the floor to get a general design plan.

After deciding where I generally wanted each frame, I sticky-tacked the matching pieces of newspaper to the walls and left it overnight. The next morning, I still liked the general layout I had chosen.

I still need to scavenge through my pictures and digital photo files to find photos for  all these frames. I am excited to get some color and personality up on my stairway walls! It is fun to imagine how many of these pictures will change through the years as time passes.

The next time you have a grouping of frames to hang, try tracing the shapes onto paper, cutting them out and hanging the shapes on the wall to get a good feel for what composition you like best.

Happy Decorating!


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