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First Steps to an Organized Computer

March 7, 2012

Is your computer a complete mess (or even a partial one)?

Do you have trouble finding photos or documents that you have saved?

Over a few blogs, I’ll address a few of these issues so your computer can be the best that it can be. I’m certainly no computer-mastermind, but perhaps a few ideas will help you get your folders and files in order and save you time in the long run.

Here’s an impressive statistic. Would you believe that the average person wastes 76 hours each year looking for things on her computer or in her home or work office?? Incredible, isn’t it? That’s over three entire days or almost two weeks of full-time work!

One of the most basic things you can do is to keep your desktop clean. You know what I mean! All those crazy icons jumbled crazily across your screen. Only keep the icons that you use most often. For me, that is a web browser, iTunes, a word document program and Windows Live Messenger. I also keep two shortcuts to folders that I use most often, My Documents and My Pictures as well as a handy sticky note or two. Taking the time to put various files into hard drive folders instead of directly on the desktop will actually boost computer performance speed. And don’t leave shortcuts on your desktop to programs you rarely use.

Once you have sorted and separated documents, music, pictures and any other main categories, you can further divide and conquer. For example, in My Pictures, I have separate folders for digital pictures from my camera, desktop wallpaper, clip art and miscellaneous categories.

My most frequently used folder is digital pictures. Within here, I subdivide by years and then months. If a special activity has occurred during a month (such as a vacation or special photo shoot) I may create a separate folder for this as well. I also often separate pictures for my blogging into sub-folders. This way, I can see all of my pictures in chronological order. Besides, it only takes a few seconds to start a new pictures folder each month!

If you don’t already have a great virtual organization plan, try this one out for your digital pictures. Or perhaps you have an organization style that works for you. I’d love to hear about it in a comment!

Happy Organizing!


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