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Cleaning out the Bookshelves

February 23, 2012

I am a hard-core bibliophile. (If you don’t know what that means or don’t feel like digging out your dictionary, it simply means that I LOVE books!) My husband doesn’t exactly hate them himself, so between the two of us, we have a half dozen bookshelves in our home. I sporadically clean the shelves out, ditching anything that I’ve read but know I will never read again or that have somehow landed on my shelves from who knows where.

I also love used bookstores, everything from the Half Price Books chain that I visit when I’m in Minneapolis to the hole-in-the-wall places in tiny downtowns. And while I purchase from them, I also often give my books back to them. Oftentimes, that is exactly how it feels – that I’m giving my books away with no return. Sometimes I do take the easy way out by donating them to my local thrift store that gives me a receipt that I can claim on my taxes for a deduction.

But this time I tried something new.

I had briefly seen that Amazon bought back textbooks, literature, video games, movies and electronics. The downside here is that the money is given in the form of Amazon credit instead of a check or Paypal funds. That isn’t a terrible option for me since I often shop on Amazon. But I typically shop there for “wants” not “needs.” In the end, I sold two textboks and a movie to Amazon. Amazon offers free shipping to send the books to them. I simply have to drop the box off at the Post Office.

Since many of the books I had were not accepted by Amazon, I began searching online for other buyers. That’s when I found sellbackyourbook. Sellbackyourbook had a really easy system for entering ISBNs. They accepted a number of my books with the only caveat being that you have to sell them at least $5 worth of books before they will make a payment. That wasn’t a problem for me. They also offer free shipping. Payments are made by Paypal or check.

After some more Googling for companies that buy back books, I came upon BookScouter. This was my favorite website because it searched twenty book buyers for each ISBN I listed. They quickly showed who was accepting the book and who was paying the most for it. They also list who offers payment via Paypal and who offers free shipping.

One last mention. I sold a handful of books to Better World Books. This company supports literacy around the world and makes a donation to a nonprofit literacy program with each purchase they make. They offered by far the best prices on the books that they accepted and even gave a small (very small) extra credit for accepting payment via Paypal instead of a check.

Try one or all of these out the next time that you are cleaning out your bookshelves!


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  1. I love books as well, though I don’t have half a dozen bookshelves. Your blog’s really good!

  2. Reblogged this on thehappinessbucket and commented:
    What a fabulous idea! I’m so glad I ran across this blog posting. I have a number of books I know I will never pick up again…and now that I am trying to graduate to my reader only…it has come at a great time! Do you have an over abundance of books? If so, check this out!

  3. Fabulous! That’s all I can say!

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