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Cheap Chic

February 23, 2012

I have been desperately needing some place for storage in my office/craft room in my new home. As much as I would absolutely LOVE to go to Crate & Barrel or Pier 1 and pick up something totally cute that would look relaxed and unassuming on my built-in shelves (and fit the shelves well), I simply don’t have the money for that at the moment. Sometimes it does me good to remember that there is no way I can immediately have everything that it took my parents 20 years of marriage to accumulate.

But did I have a budget-friendly solution? Of course I did!

¬†Aren’t those orange-packing boxes up there gorgeous? Especially if I’m going for the grocery store look!

To keep things pretty cheap, I decided to decorate them myself using fashion photos from magazines like Elle and Vogue.

I found some great shots that I loved, some of them for their retro look.

I covered the bottom of the box with white contac paper after first placing white paper over the bottom to cover up the printing.

Then I attached the photos that I had cut out and covered each side with clear contac paper. Contac paper and I have a sort of love/hate relationship. Sometimes it works really well and sometimes it just wants to stick to itself or get full of wrinkles and air bubbles and look downright terrible. So when I attached the contac paper to these boxes, I used a ruler to flatten the paper as I unrolled it to smooth out any unflattering air bubbles.

At each corner, I cut a straight line down the contac paper. I then folded the small piece into the box, followed by the longer piece.

Here’s the end result of my first box.

I really liked the look of folding some of the pictures around the corner of the box.

A few other options for those of you who don’t like the busy look of magazine pictures would be to use contac paper with a color or a design. Also, you could take a bit more time and money and cover a wooden or a nicer thick-sided cardboard box with material or material over foam. The possibilities really are endless, so while what I did is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, the idea for cheap chic is the same – Work with What You Have!

To be perfectly honest, these are nowhere near my ideal look for storage boxes, but I have determined to be happy about and creative with saving money while decorating.


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  1. gina permalink

    Would like to see a pic with the finished boxes on the shelf!

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