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Sewing Unlimited Possibilities

February 17, 2012

Look at this beauty! My very own, very new sewing machine! The Singer Confidence Quilter was recommended to me by a very talented seamstress and so far I have zero complaints! The Confidence Quilter is a step up from the basic Confidence machine, but I chose it since it had more stitches and also features an extension table for working with quilts or other big projects. I got a tiny bit of material first to try out the stitches and get a feel for the machine. However, I’m always up for a challenge, so I decided that it wouldn’t be any fun unless I actually made something useful.

So here’s my first finished sewing machine project ever. It was just me, the sewing machine’s instruction manual, the material and a bit of brainpower. Try it out if you’re a newbie sewer thinking about buying a sewing mchine or teaching yourself to sew.

First, I made a to-scale drawing of what I wanted on a sheet of graph paper. I know you’re supposed to use onionskin tracing paper for patterns, but….

I cut out two 8 inch x 8 inch squares.

I folded the outside piece in half with the right side facing in. I sewed a straight stitch down each of the short sides, leaving a half inch of material extra on each side.

Then I turned that piece right side out.

I folded my second piece of material in half, also with the right side folded in on itself and sewed seams down each of the two shorter sides.

I tucked the inner piece of material inside the first piece.

Then I pinned a 7 inch zipper to one side of the bag with the backside of the zipper facing out.

Then I sewed the zipper to the bag.

I opened the zipper so that I could pin the other half of the zipper to the other side of the bag, once again with the back of the zipper facing out. Then I sewed that side of the zipper down.

After sewing the ends of the zipper in place inside the bag, I had my very own first sewing project! Nothing incredible and nothing I would show Martha Stewart, but it was my very own!

This little makeup bag is going to be filled with nail polish and lip gloss for my little niece (who thankfully is too young and uninterested to ever look at this blog!).


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