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February 7, 2012

Couponing can be taken to any number of levels including the extreme all-consuming level. My preference is to actively keep my eyes open for them but not to spend hours (or even one hour) each week searching for them. No dumpster diving for me, thank you very much!

Here’s a brief look at how I organize my coupons so that I can find and use them more quickly. In my purse, I have two wallets. One, of course, has all the essentials in it… checkbook, driver’s license, cash, etc. But the other wallet is for coupons, gift cards and extra cards that I don’t use as often such as store membership cards, library cards and frequent flier airline cards.

I also keep two small white envelopes in it. The one envelope holds stores’ reward cards so that I always have them with me to get punched when I go to that store.

The other envelope is exclusively for coupons. I clip out and organize these coupons into four sections to make them easier to look through. For my own benefit, I have categories for food, health and beauty, household and cleaning products and pet supplies. I clip each section together with a paper clip. Then, before I go on my major shopping trip every two weeks, I pull out my coupons and sift through them to see if any of them match the items on that week’s shopping list. For especially good deals, I may even plan a few meals around products that I have good coupons for.

I find that this method is far easier than using some of the detailed coupon folders and wallets that are made these days. Besides that, this way is much more economical.

Check back next Tuesday for some more info on some great ways to find savings on food, clothing and more! Also, curious about how I manage to do my major shopping trips only once every two weeks? I’ll share some of my strategies for that in a couple weeks.

See you tomorrow for a look at some big plans that I have for decorating with family photos!

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