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Super Easy Homemade Cat Toys

January 26, 2012

This poor hand-me-down cat toy made it through four kittens before it finally decided to completely disintegrate. It’s time for new cat toys, especially for ones that keep a kitten’s interest. Do you think I found something cheaper than what it would cost me to buy a couple new toys at a pet store? You bet I did!

First, I re-purposed an old pair of PJ bottoms that were shredding and were in no way salvageable.

Then I found some catnip in the cupboard that I have occasionally used to sprinkle in the cat food. (Did you know that catnip is actually really good for a cat’s digestive system? Apparently, in the wild, cats eat catnip two to three times a week.) As you can see, Oliver was excited about the catnip before I even opened it up!! He refused to stay out of the picture.

Then I cut out a piece of flannel along one of the leg seams. This way, one seam was already stitched for me. My goal was certainly not to make anything pretty, but to make something the cats would enjoy and be able to destroy without making me feel like I had wasted much time.

I stitched two of the remaining sides closed with bright red thread, filled the square loosely with dried catnip and stitched the last side closed.

Romeo gave this new toy a “bite” of approval.

For the second toy, I used a smaller square of material. I turned the material inside out, folded it in half and sewed closed the seam that was opposite the fold. Then I used embroidery floss to tie one end shut tightly. After filling the little cylinder with catnip, I tied the other end closed as well. And toy number two was done!

All the cats were intrigued. In fact, they went a little nuts chewing on the toys, rolling around on them and practicing all their tracking and hunting skills in general.

These took me about ten minutes to make and in turn will give my cats hours of playtime. Another added bonus? Maybe they’ll stop playing with my living room decorations!


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