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Why Pay a Barber?

January 12, 2012

As newlyweds, my husband and I are terribly interested in saving money in as many ways as possible. I don’t think my latest idea impressed him too much, but I believe when it was all said and done, I definitely redeemed myself.

He normally gets his hair cut by a barber every month. However, they just seem to never get it right. No matter what he tells them to do, he always ends up with shorter hair than he requested and with some hair that still needs to be trimmed. By this time, I was getting pretty good at trimming around his ears and trimming his sideburns. I was ready for the big guns!

I ***ahem*** surprised him one day by coming home with the Remington hair and beard trimmers. It was totally affordable since it would pay for itself after only two haircuts. I love the fact that it has fifteen trimming lengths which means that I could taper his hair length to look professional. It was also perfect for giving his sideburns a perfect trim. I think he may have been a little worried as I came with him saying stuff like, “I wonder how you do this?” “Oops!” “Oh, I see!” while laughing hysterically at times. However, my husband deserves a medal for putting up with that and trusting me to not completely ruin his head of hair.

Other good things about this trimmer? It can be used with a cord or without and can charge from a wall outlet or (not sure why you would want this) from your computer since it is a USB charger. (Maybe if you want to give yourself a haircut while checking out sports scores???) The blade also pops out so that it can be washed under a faucet and thoroughly cleaned.

End result? Both of us were EXTREMELY happy with how his haircut looked and both of us agreed that it looked way better than what the barber normally does. So, I figure that’s a savings of almost $200 per year if you include tips.

Interested in checking it out for yourself? You can find it on Amazon by clicking this link.

Before I go, here’s a random fact for the day.

Last year I decided to keep track of how many books I read and how many pages I read. I was surprised to find out that I read 30 books for a total of 12,612 pages in 2011. Uffda!


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