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Necessity Certainly IS the Mother of Invention!

January 11, 2012

The entryway at our house is really just a part of the kitchen. While in some ways this is convenient, it also means that a lot of dirt and grime can easily get in to the kitchen – a room in the house that I would like to be as clean as possible. Adding to the problem is the fact that the bottom of the door is level with the floor and the weatherstripping cannot fit over any rug, no matter how thin it may be.

This is what our dirty entryway looked like before I decided to do something about it.

We had several rugs that are excellent for dirty or wet shoes. However, they simply didn’t fit anywhere. Solution? A scissors works wonders!

Now this rug fits perfectly beside the door and can hold about three pairs of shoes, which is a definite improvement. I also added two small rugs that extend farther into the kitchen. I considered purchasing a runner but instead purchased two rugs that could be placed next to each other. This way, should I ever change my mind (I am a woman; changing of my mind is a distinct possibility) or want to put these rugs elsewhere, I can easily move them.

With all these rugs, the dirt and grime is miraculously corraled into the small circle around the door, even in these winter months.


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