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My Budget Can Live with This

January 7, 2012

One of the bathrooms in our fantastic 100 year old home had some cosmetic bathtub issues. Several of the tiles had simply fallen off. However, we are provided with this housing through my husband’s employer so we certainly can’t do a major remodel. Even if we COULD do a remodel, we certainly don’t have the money for it as newlyweds. Some old school styles I can deal with for the time being. Other retro styles I think are rather eye-catching (in a good way), But my sense of organization and cleanliness certainly couldn’t live with this look for long.

On the plus side, when the tiles fell off, many of them broke off cleanly with the old grout attached. Others looked a bit like puzzle pieces. I certainly wasn’t going to re-grout the tub. Low budget answer? Good glue! I went to Menards, and yes, I did save big money! I was looking for a product that would create a lasting bond, one that would be waterproof and one that would dry clear. I pulled some higher priced products off the shelves and was juuuust about to walk away when I saw this beauty.

Believe it or not, they have Amazing Goop for just about any sort of project… Automobile Good, Marine Goop, Household Goop….

The key was to spread this glue onto both surfaces and wait for about two minutes before sticking them together. If you do that, you get an amazingly sealed bond.

Finished product? Certainly not perfect and definitely not Better Homes and Gardens material, but I would have to say that I think it at least looks 100 times better!


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