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Goals Versus Resolutions

January 3, 2012

Being an organized person, there have been a few years in the past when I have created a complex list of resolutions for the New Year. Do they ever work out? Of course not! Mostly what they do is make me feel terribly guilty for about a week or two after I fail in one of them. I prefer to make goals since I am a challenge-driven person. If I put the thought in my mind, “I wonder if I can truly accomplish this,” I am very likely to work as hard as possible to make it come true. A resolution is a determination to positively accomplish something while a goal is merely an objective to reach. I have found that when I treat certain tasks as goal instead of chores, I am much more likely to succeed in them.

My top new goals for this year?

1. To finish decorating and organizing my home.

2. To eat and exercise in moderation.

3. To become handier with sewing.

4. To find new ways to save time and money or both.

5. To make even more foods by hand.

What I like about these goals (and there are other more personal ones that I am not sharing here) is that they are purposely vague. Some goals I believe should be specific such as if someone wants to lose a specific amount of weight or introduce a new daily activity. However, for myself, I feel that being extremely specific in every goal is a way to set myself up for failure and guilt when, for some unforseen circumstance, I cannot accomplish them.

As for one specific goal that I do have… I would like to get back to posting in the good ol’ blogosphere three to four times a week now that my life has slowed down a bit!

Happy New Year!


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