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December 8, 2011

I can pretty much count down the time until my wedding by hours now instead of days! Saturday is coming pretty quickly!

And now begins all those last minute details. I have always liked to have as much done as possible ahead of time so that when the actual time comes, I can just sit back and relax. Of course, with a wedding, there will be the final details to take care of no matter what. So what have I been up to?

Finishing up all those bridal shower Thank You cards so that I don’t have to tackle them after the honeymoon.

Wrapping presents for our family’s early Christmas tonight.

Shopping for furniture and other household necessities for finishing up the home organization post-honeymoon.

Making lists… and checking them twice.

Folding wedding programs.

Sending the wedding party as well as family schedules for Friday and Saturday.

Packing for a honeymoon.

Giving myself a relaxing pedicure at home.

Doing a few last minute dress alterations as well as steaming the dress. (Are you kidding me? Did you actually think I would show you a picture of the dress?????)

Journaling about the last few minutes of single-hood.

Getting the spare room as ready as it can be for my soon-to-be-arriving maid of honor.

AND, not to be forgotten, getting a little beauty sleep.

As my roommates and I would say in college as we counted down to Christmas vacation, just two more sleeps ’til the big day!!!


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