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As the Year Winds Down…

December 1, 2011

As December begins, I’m getting many activities wrapped up. Of course, everything seems to be put in perspective by my coming wedding. (NINE DAYS! But who’s counting, right?) For my piano students, the end of the year marks the winter piano recital. Normally I would schedule it closer to Christmas, but I didn’t think that I would feel like coming back from my honeymoon early for that. **wink, wink**

Not all of my piano students participated. However, twenty of them did perform. Since I teach as a part of a local after-school program, I am able to use the Historic Holmes Theatre in my town. This building used to be a school many decades ago. Since then, it has been renovated and includes a beautiful stage as well as a popular ballroom.

It is a fantastic experience for the students who get to perform on stage on an amazing Yamaha grand piano.

This is by far the best piano I have ever  played!

If someone had told me when I was eight or nine years old that I would be a piano teacher someday and would be having recitals for my students, I would have laughed in their face! But it is such rewarding work and I am so thankful for my amazing students.

Last year, I decorated a bit with a small Christmas tree to bring a little life and color to the stage. With all that was going on this year and because of the fact that it was still November, I didn’t decorate this year. I have been so focused on last-minute wedding planning! And in late December or early January, I am excited to show you the results of all this planning!

Until then, Happy December!


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