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An Organized Thanksgiving List

November 24, 2011

Of course, I’m doing nothing out of the ordinary to blog about things I am thankful for on Thanksgiving Day. But doing the same thing every year does not have to make something mundane or worthless. In fact, this should be a reminder to me that I should be thankful for my blessings on a more regular basis. Here, at least, is a very, VERY short list of a few of my blessings.


1. Romeo, Macbeth and Oliver. (In case you don’t know who they are, they are my three adorable, quirky cats.) They bring so much fun to each day and a little bit of comfort at times too.

2. My piano students. They also bring so much fun and laughter into my life (although perhaps they wouldn’t say the same about me!). I love getting to know them and seeing their fun personalities each week. I will miss them after this school year when I stop teaching in my current home town.

3. My piano. And music. Who knew that those piano lessons when I was 7 years old would pay off?!? (Thanks Mom and Dad!) I would have fallen over if someone had told me that I would be a piano teacher someday! And who knew that the family piano would someday be mine?!

4. A home and food and clothing. And heat and a car and a warm bed. I cannot possibly imagine being without all of these things that are necessities to us. Yet, to many people around the world, we are living as the privileged elite.

5. Books. Reading is truly a gift. The ability to enter another world or to learn something for the first time is phenomenal. Used book stores are just an added bonus.

6. Being an American citizen. There are so many amazing countries and so many great places to live and visit. But I am incredibly thankful for America, my freedoms and my privileges.


7. My pillow. Yes, yes. I know. But this is the random category, you know. But you have to agree that going to bed just wouldn’t be the same without a pillow.

8. Stuffing. Thanksgiving dinner is simply incomplete without it!

9. CHOCOLATE!!! Nothing else needs to be said here.


10. My parents. They taught me, provided for me, cared for me, counseled me and loved me.

11. My brother. In a family with one boy and one girl, it’s pretty impressive to have a brother that speaks to you, let alone plays with you, loves you and calls you on the phone just to talk when you’re at college.

12. My fabulous friends. Where would I be without all those hours of girl talk? I am so glad for all the times I have been able to just rant and rave into a listening ear.

13. My soon-to-be-in-laws. I really couldn’t ask for a better family to marry in to.

14. My fiance. He protects me, encourages me, forgives me, does things for me just to see me smile. And even after all the time he has spent with me and all he has gotten to know about me, he continues to love me even more.                                            Oh… and did I mention the FABULOUS engagement ring???? **wink**

15. Most importantly, Jesus Christ, without Whom none of the rest of this would be at all important.



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