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Small Space, Small Budget, Big Ideas

November 23, 2011

What do you do with a house that only has three closets? None of them are in any of the three bedrooms. Two are in the upstairs hallway and one is in the main floor laundry room. The only answer that I could come up with was “be creative with what you have!”

I am certainly not used to having no linen closet or cupboards for my towels, sheets, extra toilet paper, cleaning products and other toiletries. There are two bathrooms and I am working on conquering the upstairs bathroom first. Of course, as newlyweds, Michael and I aren’t exactly swimming in cash. We are working with the things we have and putting other necessities on our gift registries. One thing I’ve heard that is quite helpful to remember is “Don’t expect to have all of the things right away that it took your parents thirty years to accumulate.”

The upstairs bathroom presents quite the challenge. It has a pedestal sink, a toilet, a bathtub (but no shower) and three open shelves under a sloping ceiling.

Changes that I plan on making are…

1. Re-affix the tiles that have fallen off around the bathtub (after doing some research as to what is the best way to do this).

2. Make some less-see-through curtains. The house may be out in the country but I am still a city girl at heart and feel the need for some extra privacy here. I plan on using some material that I already have and doing it myself. ***Crossing fingers and hoping for the best!***

3. Make the tub area relaxing with some candles, bath salts in glass jars and other decorations.

4. Enliven the walls with a small bit of blue paint as an accent. The completely white walls and trim need a little something to break them up and add some fun to this small room.

5. Create better storage space. This is the part I’ve already started working on. We have registered for a small shelf that should fit against the wall under the sloping ceiling. Also, I’ve purchased a few lined baskets for containing our toiletries.

I am waiting for two more of these baskets to be restocked at the store. So far, I have one basket to hold the not-terribly-pretty rolls of toilet paper. The other basket has some toiletries and rolled up washcloths and towels. I hope to store cleaning products in a basket on one of the higher shelves.

Little by little, the house is becoming more of a home. Sometimes, it’s just the little touches that make the biggest difference.


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