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Almost an Oops

November 18, 2011

This past weekend was crunch time at my soon-to-be-home. I realized that I will only be at my fiance’s house two more times until we are married! And my goal is to have the house quite decorated, cozy and comfortable by then so we can come to a relaxing home after our honeymoon. Sunday afternoon was picture hanging time. Let me just say that putting nails into old plaster walls is a lot more difficult than putting them into drywall.

Some pictures needed a little changing/updating. Here is one example.

This picture, entitled Grace, is a wonderful painting, especially for a dining room. However, the frame and “mat” were certainly not up to my tastes! (Gaudy, plastic frame + chartreuse velvet = “Michael, could I PLEASE make some changes to this picture?!?!?!?!”)

Check out that frame! Kind of a cheap ’40’s look.

Much to my delight, Michael OK’d just about anything I wanted to do with it. I decided to remove the picture and put it into a new, more modern frame. Sounds easy, right?

The back had cardboard stapled to it. I figured that I would need to remove the cardboard/staples and then I would be able to get at the picture.

About 30 seconds later, I discovered that EVERYTHING was covered in glue! The chartreuse velvet was glued to the picture, and the picture was glued to the cardboard. (Insert a loud cardboard ripping noise here followed by a horrified look from Yours Truly.)

Yes, I ripped the picture. I had to redeem myself and my perhaps-not-so-great modernization idea.

Not to be deterred at this point, I just kept going… more carefully this time! The end result wasn’t very pretty though.

Solution: Cut cardboard around picture to fit the new frame. This picture was a very strange size, especially since the glue had already made marks inside the picture. It was something like a 10×13. However, I found a frame that fit very well after I removed the mat. Plus, the new frame covered up the large tear down the side of the picture and only left a minute, half-inch tear at the top. I tell myself that it just makes the picture looks more authentically old!


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