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Modernizing a Garage Sale Find

November 8, 2011

On a tight budget, you work with what you have. Add a little imagination and you could create an enduring favorite.

My soon-to-be-husband picked two matching framed pictures up at a garage sale for $5 each a while back. They each feature semi-abstract boats with a mix of subdued greens, blues and tans and tiny splashes of vibrant reds and oranges. I actually really liked the artwork itself.

However, the frames left a bit to be desired. They are obviously 1990’s style with large, white, double mats and narrow white frames. In the perfect world, I would have preferred a smaller, correspondingly colored mat with a wide, dark-wood frame. In the perfect world, I would also have gobs of money to throw around. Of course, I live in the real world, so I chose to do a simple update for free. Mats are too expensive for me at the moment as are new frames. Next best option? PAINT!

First, I quickly sanded the edges to smooth out the chips a bit as well as to roughen up the surface for the paint.

Then I grabbed a can of glossy silver paint that I had left over from a sled-painting project that I had done last autumn. I used American Accents by RustOleum in a glossy Silver Metallic. Check it out here. The key to using this paint is that you want to apply it evenly with all of the brush strokes going in one direction. Also, this paint only requires one coat. A second coat is almost impossible to successfully apply.

The paint dries to the touch in a super-speedy thirty minutes and can be handled in an hour. I think it’s amazing how such a little (free) change can make such a huge difference and can take so many years off the age of the painting.

While it is impossible to completely cover up decades of wear and tear, this paint certainly perked up these two pictures.


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  1. Spray paint is amazing!

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