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Scraping the Bottom of the Clearance Barrel

November 7, 2011

The best time of the year to find the greatest deals on clothes and accessories? The very, VERY end of the season. Case in point.

I bought a bracelet ahead of time for the next summer season. It wasn’t anything super fancy, but it was cute and cheerful.

Originally: $15.00

My price: $1.97

Of course, I had to dig through a very messy cardboard box hidden in the accessories department to find this. But for that price, it was certainly worth it. The best way to save on clothing is to plan ahead for the next season since clothing always goes through massive markdowns to quickly make room for the new season’s clothes.

There are a few potential problems to watch out for.

1. Do you absolutely have to be on the cutting edge of fashion and simply despise wearing “last season’s” clothes? (Look at it this way – retro is always cool!)

2. Do you wear clothes in sizes that are especially difficult to find such as petites or talls?

3. Do you have more money than time? (Highly doubtful these days, but I suppose it’s a possibility for some.) If so, perhaps it is worth more for you to shop at the beginning of a season when the picking is good than later when you have have to rummage through boxes and messy racks.

4. Is your child going through a growth spurt and you have no idea what size they will need six months from now?

Happy Bargain Hunting!


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