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Corralling Clutter

November 4, 2011

I am beginning the big moving process before my wedding. I have been hauling down very large loads of boxes and storage tubs in the SUV. My house is looking increasingly empty. I think the only thing that is saving my house from looking terribly pitiful is the paint color on the wall. Most all of the pictures are down and most of my decorations have been transferred. This past weekend, I took almost all of my kitchen supplies, pots and pans, silverware, coffee mugs, serving bowls and more down as well. I am starting to feel like my house is just a very nice and roomy hotel. But that is ok since it is barely over one month until I am married!

Also over the past weekend, I worked on organizing the kitchen and dining room and getting them into somewhat-ready shape. The first change I made was with the dining room table. I absolutely love the table and chairs. (Kudos to my fiance for picking them out himself!) There was also a bench that fit along one side. Eventually, we may purchase two more matching chairs to have six altogether, but for now, we have just placed one on each side of the table and placed the bench along a spacious wall. It is now very multi-purpose. It is near the main door that leads into the kitchen and provides easy access for purses, cell phones, keys, mail and other items that need to be kept close to the door. It also gives us a place to put our shoes without having to trip over them in the kitchen or hide them behind the laundry room door. And, of course, it can still be used as extra seating when we have company. 

I also got two baskets from the always amazing Ikea in an effort to stop clutter before it has a chance to get out of hand. If you want a close-up, you can check it out directly on the Ikea website. (Just so you know, this is most likely not going to be their final location.) I bought one for me and one for my fiance Michael. The idea is to put any extra junk or clutter from the day into the basket so that it is not lying around on random tables, counters and floors. Then eventually, the items in these baskets can be gone through, filed away or thrown out. Separating it into two different baskets will also eliminate much frustration. (Interesting that one basket is already almost full. It makes me think that this was a smart purchase.)

Do you have any ideas for keeping down daily clutter in your house that you would be willing to share with me?

One Comment
  1. gina permalink

    Sometimes I leave the mail in the mailbox for a day or two until I have time to sort it all.

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