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Discounted Holiday Shopping

October 31, 2011

Are you starting to do any Christmas shopping yet? I have always preferred to get mine done by the end of October. Early I know, but I can never find exactly what I want by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. Then everything is sold out or is in the wrong size. One year I did decide to shop about a week or two before Christmas and I couldn’t find a single thing that was on my list. I have almost all of my gifts purchased for this year except for one or two little ones. Now I can just relax during the season and not have to worry about spending oodles of money at the last minute.

Last night, I wrapped up my last purchases (no pun intended). I have found that I rarely have to pay full price for most gifts (or even special items for myself) these days. By signing up for certain brands’ emails, you can snag lots of great coupons, discounts and free gifts on the month of your birthday and throughout the year. You can also get in on special sale preview days and preferred customer offers.

On top of that, you can also cash in on online shopping coupon codes. I was clued in to this a couple years ago when I read about it in Reader’s Digest. Since then I have seen it in women’s lifestyle magazines such as Ladies Home Journal. I have checked out several sites myself, and if you do a Google search you can find page after page of websites for this purpose. However, I’ve narrowed it down to one site that I love since I don’t have the patience for more than that. Plus, I have found the most successful codes on this one.

Check out It is truly amazing! For example, last night I was shopping online at Kohls. Now, we all know that Kohls pretty much has a perpetual sale going on. I don’t believe I saw one thing last night that was original price. Everything was already probably 20 to 40% off. Then I had a 20% off coupon if I used a Kohls’ charge card. However, I checked out RetailMeNot and upgraded that 20% to a 30% off. AND, since Kohls allows two promotional codes per order, I was able to tack on another 15% off. Should I mention that I didn’t have to pay for shipping either? In the end, I only paid 35% of the original price for all the items.

Another tip for those of you that have the time and forethought? Check ebay for merchandise credit or gift cards to the stores you love. Many people have gift cards that they have no desire for and are trying to sell. I just checked for Kohls gift cards now and there are many on there to purchase for only 90% or so of the cash value. If you’re planning on making a purchase at the store anyway, you might as well get this extra discount.

Happy Christmas shopping!


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  1. Rachel permalink

    Great tips! Thank you!

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