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A Shopping Guinea Pig

October 25, 2011

Yesterday was the first time that my official shopping list was used. (Check out my original post about it here.) However, oddly enough, I wasn’t the one who used it. My week, and especially that day in particular, were jam-packed with last minute tasks and activities. My fiance ended up being the first guinea pig of this organizational mission; not only that, but he took my very vivacious niece with him as well. I had previously filled the list out and marked which items had coupons. Here are my fiance’s thoughts.

“I liked that grocery items are on one side and that non-perishables are on the other side. It seems like this list or pattern is designed for a Walmart because the items go in order according to the store layout. It was especially helpful when I was babysitting a four-year-old because we never had to backtrack through the store. I felt like this made it as fast as possible for me.”

Thank you, Michael, for taking that on a test drive for me! It was just one way that organization made a potentially crazy day much more sane.

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