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Prepping for Winter

October 24, 2011

Today, I finished preparing my perennials and landscaping for winter. I turned off the water to the outdoor water spickets, cut down perennials and put my solar lights in the garage to await next summer’s warmth.

I have purchased all of my perennials at the always-fantastic Bergen’s Nursery. (Check out their Facebook page here.) Not only do they have fabulous plants, but also they have super knowledgeable employees. They advised me to not cut my perennials completely down before winter since the dead foliage and stems are protective coverings for the plants against Minnesota’s harsh winters. In my front flowerbed that faces the southern sun, I have phlox and balloon flowers mixed in with various annuals and low shrubs.

Along my garage on the west, I have some daisies and some hardy gayfeathers. All of these get cut so that only three or so inches remain above ground.

Hostas line the back of the house and just love the shade. I mostly leave these until the spring except that I cut off the tall blooming stems. Not the prettiest, but they will soon be covered with piles of snow until late spring.

In the spring, it is very easy to just pull the crunchy dead foliage away and uncover the tiny green life as it pops to the surface. Of course, it is also vital to plant only perennials and bushes that are appropriate for your weather zone. Most of my perennials are hardy up to 30 or 40 degrees below zero. To find your zone, check out this handy map of hardiness zones from the National Arboretum. This map will even let you see your county.

What’s up with these lilacs though that apparently think it’s spring and time to bud??


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