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Tired of Grocery Shopping?

October 1, 2011

Time for Elaine St. James’ fourth tip to simplify our lives!

Today, Elaine takes up the topic of grocery shopping. She says that there is a much better plan to grocery shopping than going to the store two to three times a week.

The more often that you go to the store, the more money you are likely to spend. It sets you up for impulse buying and also wastes a lot of gasoline and time. My method has always been to keep a running list of items that I am running low on and then I go to the store when I run out of room on my list.

I do like Elaine’s suggestion, however. In fact, I think I may try it. She says,

“So I sat down at the computer and typed up a list of all the food items I might possibly buy. Then I arranged them in the order they appear in the aisles of my favorite grocery store. I ran off a couple dozen copies of the list, which I keep in one of the kitchen cabinets so a fresh one is there when I need it. It can easily be updated as our eating patterns change. Now, before I go shopping , I sit down at the kitchen table and draw up a quick meal plan for the week. Then I go through my computer list and check off the items I’ll need. Since I’m right there in the kitchen, I can quickly see what we’re out of, and note those items on the list.”

Sounds like a great idea Elaine! I do believe that I’m going to put together one of these lists for my SuperWalmart where I end up doing most of my shopping. I’ll work on it and get back to you all and tell you how it works! Here’s one other benefit.

“Another advantage of using a computerized list is that if you’re the primary shopper and have to be away on shopping day, it’s very easy for your mate or one of your kids to check off the list and take care of the shopping in your absence.” (St. James, Simplify Your Life, 1994, pg. 17)

Sound good, dear fiance?

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