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Planning the Beginning of the Rest of My Life

August 31, 2011

Wedding planning is one of those things that force you to get organized even if you tend to be a free spirit. Whether you want to or not, everything has to be planned and purchased by a certain day. It forces you to make lists and delegate tasks. And it forces you to think about how it is taking months to plan for an event that will last for six hours or less.  

On the other hand, you could look at it as planning the first day of the rest of your life. 

That is exactly what I’m doing now… planning the perfect beginning for my life with my fiancé Michael. I look at this planning as setting the tone for how we work and plan together, for how we make compromises and for how we determine what is most important to us. 

I am happy to say that according to my highly detailed plans, we are right on target! I am a list-maker and a budgeter and a time-table watcher. For something as big as a wedding, I think being organized and having an overall plan is vital. 

Here are a couple books that I have loved for their details about how to plan any sort of wedding.  

The Everything Wedding Checklist Book

This book is amazing for people who work well with checking things off a list. This little book covers a bit of everything from the time you are first engaged through the honeymoon.




Easy Wedding Planner Workbook and Organizer


This book has concise information on all parts of the wedding and reception. It is divided into chapters with pocket dividers to hold all of those important receipts, pictures and notes.



Bride’s Wedding Planner


This is another book I have looked through and found some excellent planning details. It has much longer chapters with explanations of traditional weddings versus modern spin-offs. I also love that you can get it as a paperback or as a three ring binder! This book is also excellent for giving some creative ideas for things such as décor, music and favors.

 When you get right down to it, there are a lot of details that you realize that you just don’t know. How exactly do you word the invitation? Who do you send wedding announcements to? Who gets a corsage or boutonnière? When should the invitations go in the mail?  

Finding books to help me sort through all of this information and to plan a budget has certainly been a lifesaver!


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