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Hello, World! May I Organize You?

August 26, 2011

Is there anything that cannot be organized?  

If there is, then I certainly have never met it! 

I have been putting things in order since before I could even remember. What child opens her closet one evening, drags boxes of papers and toys out, spills all the contents on the carpet and rearranges them all? And then does it again, a couple months later. 

I did. 

I never realized that this was so unusual… until I met my college roommates, that is. I knew a girl in elementary school who filed her crayons by alphabetical order! I figured that I wasn’t THAT bad. I just grouped mine by color of the rainbow. It made it easier to find the right color, you know?! 

So tell me, what cannot be organized? Nothing that I can think of. I organize

my books

  my clothes

    my photographs

      my bills

        my cleaning supplies

          my day planner

            my thoughts

              my dishes

                my email inbox

                  my wedding plans

                    my unread magazines

                      my cats’ toys. 

Does this sound a little OCD? Perhaps. I have on occasion wondered this myself. However, the wonderful world of Wikipedia states that symptoms of OCD can be alienating and time-consuming, and often cause severe emotional and financial distress.” Oh, most certainly NOT!  

Organization is a way to make my home a pleasant place, where I can invite others over at the drop of a hat, where I don’t have to waste time looking for something that I just KNOW I put somewhere, where a sense of calm prevails and where my money is saved because I know exactly what I have and what I need to buy. 

And besides that, organizing can be just plain fun when you approach it the right way!  

By the way, at least my box of crayons (which happens to be the same box I had in elementary school) is no longer organized. My four-year-old niece took care of that for me.


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  1. Great first post!!! Woohoo!!!!!! 🙂 I especially enjoyed the ending. Hehe!!

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